Melodic Punk Style have released new album from Columbian skate punk act 69 Enfermos. If you dig skate punk in the vein of NUFAN's "More Betterness" or "Making Friends" you'll dig 69enfermos new album "Beyond Borders"

2 track album

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New Horizons: Nasa spacecraft speeds past Pluto ...

Primera imagen de Plutón a color, ¡Gracias NASA! > bit.ly/1HZiV4S

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Publicity jingles or commercial audio publicity, with the purpose to position a brand with voice ranges on off from 25 to 40 in English and Spanish. We use different concepts with Latin rhythms. ...

Cliente: Campaña let's do it ( Vamos a hacerlo ) Bucaramanga Agencia: CirculoCreativoAgency Creativo: Fabio A Vega Año: 2015

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